Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Graham Memorial Pentecostal Holiness Church Website!  Though God has blessed us with a long tradition of Christ-centered ministry, you will not be able to caricature us easily.  We worship with the best of the past and present.  Our  leadership is innovative and geared to reach those under 30 without losing those over 60.  At Graham Memorial we value ever person!  People are the church.  The building is where the church meets.  This is an exciting time for Graham Memorial because "It is a New Day!"  And our membership - young and old - is united and energized for ministry! 

While we warmly welcome you to our website, we would be even happier to have you join us in worship!  Among us you will discover the good news of redeeming, healing, restoring, and empowering grace!  Let me invite you one more way - in the words of the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice:

To all who are spiritually weary and seek rest;
to all who mourn and long for comfort;
to all who struggle and desire victory;
to all who sin and need a Savior;
to all who are strangers and want fellowship;
to all who hunger and thirst after righteousness;
and whoever will come -
this church opens her doors and offers her welcome
in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

May the Lord richly bless you and your family!

Rev. Arthur Richardson Denning


Verse of the Day

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.
Proverbs 23:26

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